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Finally back to work! [May. 11th, 2013|09:31 am]

Well, the move to Adelaide certainly held up production for longer than I thought it would, but finally I’m up and running again.  There may even be some new ceramics in a week or so as I start some test firings in my tiny kiln, fingers crossed.

At least I vaguely know what I’m doing with printing still.  The originals will be off to Melbourne via the post in a week, hope they make it okay.

Meanwhile, Ive put these new ones up in the Etsy Store:

“All the Better to Eat you with”

staying on the Red Riding Hood theme, but a little more burlesque in style, “What Big Eyes you Have”

and a little something for those of us that like bunnies and smoking, “Alice and Heather”

hope you like them




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