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A few more prints for the store [Sep. 20th, 2011|12:37 pm]


Just a note about a mini update to the etsy store.  Its all a bit exciting of late around here.   I have postcards and Christmas cards on the way and Ive been making magnets, and buttons to sell, but until they are ready here are three new prints.

Sometimes I dont like my work that much, probably because it is mine and I know what went into it, but I rather like this one, I named it “Top of the Stairs”.

The other two prints went a bit carnival in theme

Candy Carousel

and Joanna Strange

Oh and I want to show these off too!  Narelle from “Outsource Design” http://www.outsourcedesign.com.au/  has done the cutest job on making me up some business cards.  I just love them!  This is the back

and this is the front

of all the printed goodies that are on their way I like these the best I think.  Perhaps I should have gotten Narelles help on everything else too, she is one very fine designer.  Thanks so much Narelle!





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